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  • Get 5 treats for every $1 you spend from your cart's total after tax.
  • Exclusions:
    • shipping fees
    • items apart of collaborations with other makers and shops
    • Treats may be used to redeem rewards as discount codes that you can apply at checkout. *Only one discount code can be used per order




      *Please remember that these pins are handmade and flaws can occur. Grading is subjective and may differ. All pins are graded in natural lighting. Back of the pins are not graded.

      A GRADE: These will be the best of the batch and near perfect conditions. Since these pins are made by hand, some may still have very small unnoticeable imperfections unless looked out very closely or under direct light. This can include slight underfilled/overfilled enamel, few stray glitter specks, very slight scratches from polishing (only seen when tilted to light), and such.

      B GRADE: Minimal imperfections that are a little more noticeable, but still very wearable and doesn’t take away from the overall design. Most of these flawed aren't very noticeable when at arm's length. These can include things like (but not limited to) stray glitter, underfilled or overfilled enamel, minor screenprinting errors and more noticeable scratches or scuffs. May also include facial flaws that aren’t noticeable when held at arm’s length, such as tiny specks as an example.

      C GRADE: More noticeable flaws that may take away from the overall design. This can include more noticeable facial flaws, some missing screenprint, deep underfilled or heavy overfilled enamel, several stray obvious specks or bubbles, nicks, plating issues, and etc. 

      Standards v. Seconds Grades

      Some smaller designs will not include this grading scale. The grading for these pins will be more lenient and pins are looked over more quickly. They are also priced lower than normal due to this.

      STANDARD: This will be the best of the batch of pins. You can expect some very minor flaws in these that won’t affect the overall design and can only be seen if looked at very closely/ under direct light. You will likely not notice these flaws at arms length. 

      SECONDS:  Pins in the batch that include more noticeable flaws or may be seen at arms length. Some may affect the overall design, but pins with very high flaw rates will not be sold. 

      If you believe there's been a mistake during grading and you're not satisfied with the pin you've received, please feel free to reach out to me about it. I will do my best to resolve any issues. 



      • All orders are final sale. Please be sure to check the grading scale above before purchasing. 
      • I will not be accepting any returns or exchanges if an item arrives in the expected state it was purchased.

      If there are any issue when an item arrives, please contact us to discuss available solutions.




      • Pre-orders take anywhere from 2 - 6 months to make and arrive to me.  Additionally, there may be occasions when pins will need to be remade and wait times may be longer than estimated. If you are unable to wait, please do not pre-order and wait for the pins to be in-hand.
      • Please note that colors may vary slightly from the artwork to actual pin form.
      • In some cases, colors and effects may also be changed during the sample phases to ensure the best outcomes of these designs.
      • Pre-orders are the best of the batch, unless otherwise stated.
      • If you purchase an in-hand item with a pre-order item, your in-hand item will not ship until your pre-order is ready to ship. If you want to receive your in-hand item sooner, please place a separate order.
      • Pre-orders cannot be combined with other orders unless you purchased the pre-order and the in-hand item(s) at the same time.

      I will always provide updates and be transparent. If you'd like to check for updates, please check our pin status here. Additional updates may also be seen from our Instagram highlight, Updates.




      • Precessing time can be found at checkout. Once shipped, it may take up to 24 hours for your tracking to update.
      • All orders within the U.S. are shipped via USPS Ground Advantage, which now includes shipping insurance up to $100 and estimate delivery is 2-4 business days.
      • For International orders, we're now offering more affordable rates through Pirate Ship's Simple Export Rates. With this option, packages will still depart from USPS, but will be handled by partner carrier, Asendia.
      • Pirate Ship's Simple Export Rates is available in select countries.
      • USPS First Class International shipping rates will still be offered.
      • Both international shipping options have an estimate delivery of 1-4 weeks and includes tracking.
      • If your package is lost, please contact your local postal service. Unfortunately, I am unable to refund or replace your order if shipping was purchased without insurance. U.S. orders will automatically include up $100 insurance, but additional insurance may be purchase if your order exceeds this amount. International orders don’t include insurance unless purchased from our Shipping Insurance listing.
      • Insurance must be purchased before a shipping label is created.
      • If you live outside of the US, you are responsible for all custom, taxes, VAT, and any other additional fees.
      • If your package is returned to me for reasons such as, providing an incorrect address, not paying custom, tax, or VAT fees, or for any other reason, you are responsible for paying additional reshipping fees. If you no longer want the package, will may request a refund for your order with the initial shipping fees deducted. 




      I will automatically combine orders if the following conditions are met:

      • both orders are under the same name and shipping address
      • both orders are still being processed/ before shipped

      If you'd like to combine orders under different names, both parties will need to contact us before shipment begins.

      For orders combined, you may receive a shipping refund or partial refund, as long as the overall package does not outweigh the postage paid.

      Orders may also be combined across our selling platforms if you contact us before both orders have been shipped.

      i.e.: If you place separate orders from both our Shopify and Etsy pages.