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ILY Maidsama Panel V2

ILY Maidsama Panel V2

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Art by @anna_kumo

Pin Details:

♥ 2” wide

♥ LE50 Day Variant - black nickel plating w/ pearl swirls

♥ LE50 Night Variant - gold plating w/ sandblast


To be transparent, when I first made these variants, both batch came with a lot of pins with high defects which I didn’t want to sell. So my manu remade about 35pcs of each to make up for the ones I’ll be discarding. 

When I received the remakes, I noticed their skin colors are slightly paler than the original. It isn’t a very noticeable difference and I only noticed when I had them placed together. I won’t be separating them in this listing, so you may get either version. However, if you purchase duplicates or any sets, I’ll do my best to ensure you receive pins with the same skin tones! Thank you 

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